HVAC is one of the most important parts of any house. It controls the temperature and humidity level of your house. It needs scheduled services to run efficiently. If you don’t pay much attention to it then you are bound to have expensive repairs or even having a new unit. Scheduled maintenance can save you from those unnecessary expenses. Cleanliness also plays an important role. You can increase the efficiency and lifespan of your unit by regularly cleaning it out properly. Remove the outside debris such as plants that are encroaching on your condenser so it can pull in fresh air from all sides. Make sure to allow for at least 12 inches of space around the coil.

In this article, you’ll find the top 5 HVAC maintenance tips that can actually help you to save a lot of your money.

1. Pay Attention to Noises

If you want your HVAC unit to function properly then you should check the unit once every week. Make sure it’s making any weird noises such as rattling, thumping, grinding, or buzzing. If it’s making such noises, then it means that there’s a problem with your unit. Call a professional to repair the unit before it completely breaks down. You’ll also need to pay attention to spotty heating or cooling, weak airflow, thermostat issues, or finding puddles around your unit. The sooner you address the issue; the less damage it can do overall.

2. Replace The Air Filters

Air filters need to replaced every 30 to 90 days. You should check for dirt and clogs every 2 weeks to make sure the filter is clean enough to go for the next week. Some air filters are permanent and semi-permanent models. In that case, you should clean it every 2-3 weeks for continuous use. Disposable air filters don’t work the same way, that’s why you need to change it every month or so. The amount of people living in your household determines the time it needs to be cleaned or changed. More people means less time and fewer people means more time it needs to get dirty. It’s important to get rid of the dirty filter as it can damage the whole unit. 

3. Clean the Vents

You should vacuum the vent often so that the dust and dirt cannot build up and obstruct the airflow. It’s important to check the airflow periodically to make sure it’s not weak. If you notice a weak airflow, then contact your HVAC technician to check it out asap.

4. Maintenance Plan

An HVAC maintenance plan ensures that you don’t miss out on the benefits of having your equipment serviced annually or biannually. Remember that the cost of a service plan will always outweigh the costs of repairs. You should have your air conditioner tuned every spring and heaters tuned every fall.  These services can prevent 95% of all HVAC repairs. It can also cut the energy cost and extends the lifespan of your equipment.

5. Clean the Outside Unit and condensate drain line.

The Outside units need more cleaning than the inside units. Make sure the outside unit is free of leaves, twigs, or debris. Cut back plants and shrubs by at least three feet. Wipe down the inside and outside of the unit to get rid of dirt. Wash it with a gentle spray from a garden hose.

The condensate line is one of the most important components of your HVAC unit. As air is heated or cooled inside the HVAC system, humidity is released. The humidity eventually turns into condensation that must have somewhere to go. Thus It enters the condensate line, which essentially functions as a drain line. You need to clear the condensate drain line every three months or so.  Pour a solution of 1 cup bleach and 3 cups of water down the condensate drain tube to keep it clear of possible algae and other debris. 


Most of the HVAC repairs are caused by the poor maintenance of the unit. If you take care of it properly then you’ll be able to save unnecessary repair costs and also extend the life span of your unit. If you need professional HVAC maintenance, repairs, or even a new unit then contact us today.

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