Homeownership may seem like an easy job but it’s not, actually, it’s quite the opposite! It’s an extra headache besides your regular job. Especially when you have to take care of seasonal maintenance. If your house is on rental, then you have to go through the complaints of the dwellers very often. You have to go through every corner of the house and contact the roofer, plumber and other maintenance-related people to fix your house. Well, the good news is we are here to help you out! You can get all your maintenance related help from us. We have roofers, plumbers, window and door installers and other types of maintenance-related people scattered all around the country. So, we can say that we are your one-stop maintenance solution company that you can rely on.

You may wonder, how you can stay safe and healthy during this crisis! Even if your house is on rental, you want to safeguard your house from the lurking diseases. Cleanliness is definitely the answer you are looking for. But there are some preventive actions you can take to minimize the risk of getting your house or dwellers infected. Besides social distancing and washing your hand regularly, here are a few things you can do that will help you to safeguard your house.

Install a sink outside of the house

When someone comes from outside and touches the doorknob to enter the house, there’s a huge chance to get an infected doorknob! If you install a sink outside of your home, then people can wash their hands before entering the home. This reduced the chance of getting an infected doorknob or an infected calling bell.

Check the HVAC filter and change it out often

Experts say that you should change your HVAC filter each month but that’s not always right. If you own a small house, then you can change it within 2-3 months. Check the filters often, if you find it dirty then change it out asap in order to keep your family healthy.

Give your house a Deep Clean

There’s no better way to beat the germ than cleaning the house properly. Giving a deep clean can prevent lots of diseases from happening. Deep cleaning means going into deep and cleaning every household item along with the house itself. You should deep clean your house every 3 months to stay healthy.

Check drainage and clean the gutters

You must go through all the exterior drainage to make sure that rainwater should flow away smoothly. Any puddle that stands for 24 hours or more can cause serious problems like mosquitos and diseases that are carried by mosquitoes like malaria and dengue. Make sure there are no loose connections or any bad spouts in the gutter. Make sure you get professional help when checking and cleaning out the gutter. This helps you save a lot of time and money. Also, help you to stay safe from hidden dangers.

Inspect the interior/exterior of your home

Go through the whole interior to see if there are any signs of mold. Molds can be dangerous which so many different diseases like allergies, asthma, lung diseases, sinus infection, and much more. Molds can be found in damp places in your house. If you find mold in our house, you better get rid of it as soon as possible to stay healthy. You should also check the exterior of your house. Chipping paints, loose windows, or roof leakages can also lead to some serious health conditions that is why you should keep those in check.


Cleanliness can prevent so many diseases. If you want to stay healthy and put, then you better start some healthy habits like keeping your whole house clean, look for the hidden spots to clean, and keep an eye on the filters. If you need professional help with anything feel free to contact us. Stay connected to get some amazing deals.

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