It might be that you are familiar with living in a comfortable, warm and leak-free house, and in that case, a strong roof on top of your head is definitely important. Below, we have provided some fundamental steps in which to observe plus deal with possible issues before those can turn into meaningful ones.

1. Your roof is approaching its 25th birthday

According to Claude McGavic, who happens to be the National Association of Home Inspectors executive director, the average longevity of a shingle roof made of asphalt should be somewhere between twenty and thirty years. He further added that if your roof is 40 years old it may be having some issues although you will not be able to detect that from the surface.

What amount of time is left with you: 5 to 10 years which will depend on the roof’s condition. If you are residing in a community and your community members are all replacing their roofing, then you must follow them too.

2. The shingles happen to be curling

It is possible for shingles to curl in a couple of ways: there is cupping which can happen once the shingle’s edges turn in the upward direction, and there is clawing once the edges remain flat while the middle portion begins to rise. According to Mark Graham, who happens to be the National Roofing Contractors Association vice president, both of these are indications of weathering and actually indicate that issues potentially leaks are comparatively near to fruition.

What amount of time you have got left: as per Mark Graham, it might be anywhere between 1 year and 5 years prior to requiring a fresh roof and this will, of course, depend on the degree of the curling.

3. The shingles happen to be missing entirely

When you see it from a functional point of view, replacing several shingles in different areas should not be a problem at all. Graham says you must be ready for the fact that it is almost impossible to procure a fresh single which can match the shade of an outdated one. The colors of granule have altered quite significantly over time. Furthermore, there is a slight change in color because of weathering.

What amount of time is left with you: You might go on patching till a larger problem presents itself; however, if the roof begins to appear like that of a checkerboard, individuals often decide to swap the entire thing.

4. The shingles happen to be suffering from cracks

Shingles become cracked mainly because of the wind damage. If there are only several shingles which happen to be cracked, they can definitely be replaced. Graham asserts that if this cracking is not isolated to just one specific area, and it is random all across the roof, there is a surefire symptom that it will be a sensible idea to take into consideration a fresh roof.

What amount of time is left with you: It might be required to swap the entire thing within 3 to 5 years.

5. Shingles have become covered with algae or moss

Okay, but there is no cause to press the panic button. According to McGavic, it is actually a cosmetic problem. Individuals might opt for replacing the roof simply because they do not have an affinity for the aesthetic. Irrespective of what you perform, never try to handle everything on your own by scraping away or power washing the green things. This is a fantastic way to chip off every single granule, which again, renders the shingles totally useless.

What amount of time is left with you: So long as it is feasible to endure the appearance. Take into consideration a wash which happens to be 1 part water to 1 part bleach for removing moss or algae. Otherwise, look into the zinc strips which you can install as the roof summits and will help to get rid of the problem in the long run. If you opt for swapping the roof, try to go for tiles that happen to be resistant to algae, such as GAF Timberline roofs, a Decent Housekeeping Seal holder.

6. Sunlight can be seen from the attic

There is no need to inform us that it is not a proper sign since it is not! If the light is able to penetrate, the same can be true for cold air, rain, and even snow. Verify for light plus search for stains caused by water too. According to McGavic, if you come across any, observe them over several rainfalls and if there is any change in the size or shape, it will imply that there is an active leakage.

What amount of time is that with you: This will depend on the degree of the damage, and therefore, take the help of a professional. It is possible to patch small leaks. However, the bigger ones can pose some problems. It might be sensible to replace the roof sooner instead of later so as to counteract the age element.

7. The whole roof happens to be sagging

It is quite natural for you to panic at this stage. Graham explains that a drooping roof usually indicates some sort of structural damage. There might be some issues with the decking inside the attic or, even worse, with the foundation’s supports. It is not that you are in imminent peril; nevertheless, it is the type of thing that is much easier to handle once it is small and also restricted as compared to once it has already advanced.

What amount of time is left with you: If you don’t do anything, then not much time is left with you. Whenever you come across any droop or depression, get in touch with a professional immediately.


If you notice any of the 7 warning signs above, it’s essential you get in touch with a recommended and trusted contractor immediately and schedule a roof inspection to prevent any further damage.

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